Here’s Why Procter and Gamble Made MicroSalt® Their Star

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Learn how our passionate team and patented low-sodium solution put us on top of the world

Key Takeaways:

  • MicroSalt® beat international competition to achieve the P&G Alumni Business Catapult award
  • The award came by demonstrating positive social impact, a strong team, and a promising product
  • MicroSalt® is perfectly poised to complement current and upcoming federal sodium initiatives
  • Food manufacturers can get in on the ground level to make tomorrow’s products today

Procter & Gamble is the planet’s largest consumer goods company. This means the business world was watching when just four finalists were selected from 75 international candidates vying to be Global Winner of the P&G Alumni Network Star Entrepreneur Award for 2021.

Every person who made the shortlist was at the head of organizations with something very special in common: A dedication to improving the quality of human life and the condition of the planet. Though only one finalist could claim victory, there were really no losers since millions stood to benefit either way.

In the end, it was MicroSalt® founder and former CEO Victor Hugo Manzanilla who claimed the title and increased our mission’s momentum in promoting a low-sodium diet. Mr. Manzanilla now sits on our Board of Directors with Rick Guiney as new CEO. Together, we’re looking forward to helping American health and nutrition reach new heights. Here’s how focusing on those twin factors put us in the international spotlight.

P&G’s competition criteria

The four finalists were appraised across five key categories that took into account internal and external factors: environmental and social impact, financial business model, team strength, market potential, and the product itself. Our company and products rose to the challenge in every case.

The MicroSalt® mission has always been driven by playing our part toward creating a healthier population through a low-sodium diet. Our dedicated, diverse, and multi-disciplinary team brings experience in medicine, operations, marketing, sales, product development, accounting, and more to bear on that goal.

There has never been a more pressing need for a superior sodium solution since Americans are now consuming 3,400 mg of sodium daily. That’s more than 1,000 mg above FDA recommended limits and a major contributor toward cardiovascular disease, which is the world’s biggest killer.

Both the FDA and the USDA Food and Nutrition Service are taking great strides in reducing the public’s sodium intake from school meals to store-bought foods. This drive toward healthier nutrition will dramatically impact which foods educational facilities, workplaces, and retail outlets make available. How food manufacturers process their products will have to change to keep up in the coming years.

Lawmaker initiatives are increasingly in harmony with the public’s growing desire for a low-sodium diet. This has resulted in some extremely healthy projections for any market and product that aligns with those two factors. Circumstances positioned MicroSalt® at the forefront of a sector set to be worth $1.7 billion by 2025 and made the potential of our product obvious to the judges.

The mechanics of MicroSalt®

Our team strength and shared vision meant we admirably met the first four competition criteria. P&G could see the innovative nature of our product amply fulfilled the final requirement by presenting real potential for a product revolution.

The patented MicroSalt® particle is 100-times smaller than standard salt and is designed to dissolve on the tongue right away. Neither of those characteristics diminish the effectiveness of each particle, which delivers a saltier taste sensation than average sodium. Nor does the science and technology behind MicroSalt® make it something synthetic – it’s all-natural salt without any substitutes.

Manufacturers can use our product to more easily comply with federal regulations and public opinion against high sodium while significantly improving their bottom line. Adding MicroSalt® to the production process requires no alterations to existing hardware or practices, yet it delivers improved product adhesion.

MicroSalt® delivers 50 percent less sodium by weight, which means spending half as much on standard salt while achieving higher levels of salt flavor. The particles are perfect for adding to dry snack foods yet can be successfully incorporated into any food manufacturing process.

MicroSalt® today and tomorrow

The stage is set socially and politically for MicroSalt® to become an international-level ingredient and a successful addition to anyone’s low sodium diet. Our successful SaltMe!® snack line of potato chips has been paving the way online and in other stores nationwide since 2020, with Kroger (America’s largest supermarket by revenue) adding our brand to over 800 stores starting in February 2022.

SaltMe!® is a future-facing, flavorful snack that utilizes MicroSalt® while also being non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. It’s just the beginning of our journey to combat cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, with the latter killing more people every year than all infectious diseases combined.

Our vision isn’t just optimism. The American Heart Association has published some very inspiring figures on how much good sodium reduction can do. A widespread reduction of average daily sodium intake by 1,000 mg could save between 44,000 and 92,000 lives every single year, not to mention relieving the billions of dollars in health care burdens placed on the national economy.

Let us put 1,000 mg of sodium consumption into context. It’s roughly half a teaspoon, two bagels, or a half-cup of soup. It doesn’t take a massive change in how people eat to make a hugely positive difference to their health.

What does take a lot of work is shifting manufacturer attitudes from ingrained sodium production habits that are trapping the public in a negative health spiral and will, one day soon, see company profits do the same. We’re here to make the transition toward a low-sodium diet as pleasant and painless as possible for everyone involved.

Contact MicroSalt® today with any questions

We’re certainly the right product at the right time, but we’ve no intention of resting on our 2021 laurels, which also included a Global Health & Pharmacy Fitness and Nutrition Award. Our team is dedicated to improving life for good while making sure that neither companies nor consumers have to sacrifice tasty food in the name of health. Simply contact us via our message page call 1-877-825-0655 to learn more.

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