MicroSalt® Inc. Partners with Presty! Foods

Presty! Foods partners with MicroSalt® Inc. to offer full-flavor, low-sodium prepared meal solutions.

West Palm Beach, FL: MicroSalt® Inc. today announces a partnership with Presty! Foods for the development and execution of low-sodium solutions across Presty’s line for plate-ready meals.

“We are proud to work with Presty! Foods in their efforts to offer low-sodium solutions to their customer base. We view Presty as a thought leader in offering lower sodium as an active option in its ingredient listing. Sodium is one of the world’s greatest insults to health, and partnerships like this are the best way to make a difference in our efforts to address the sodium crisis.” Said Rick Guiney, CEO of MicroSalt®.

This partnership is expected to have a dramatic impact on the success of both companies, including:

  • MicroSalt® and Presty! Foods will be positioned as leaders in the low-sodium prepared foods initiative.
  • Expanding their customer base around the globe with healthy alternatives in mind.
  • Offering healthier, full-flavor solutions in the plate-ready meals market.

“Presty! Foods is looking forward to working with MicroSalt® to help with our low-sodium initiatives. Sodium is a worldwide concern in the food industry, and we believe Rick and his team are the industry leaders that can help propel Presty! Foods for future growth.” Said Maxime Gervaise Presty, founder of Presty! Foods. 

To learn more about MicroSalt® Inc. and MicroSalt® products, visit www.microsaltinc.com.

About MicroSalt® Inc.: MicroSalt® is dedicated to innovating food technology solutions that enable people to live long, healthy, happy lives. Their patented MicroSalt® product delivers natural salt with 50% less sodium and can be used by both consumers and food manufacturers who wish to decrease the amount of sodium in their food.

About Presty! Foods: The Presty! Foods brand was founded in a blending of innovative and diverse cultures, travels, tastes, and people, and every plate-ready meal they develop should continue to embody that spirit of delicious innovation. They manufacture Presty and Private Label brands in their facility in France, where they specialize in developing innovative and delicious options to supply the booming Heat and Eat category, which grew 297% in 2018, creating differentiated recipes unique to the U.S. market. 

Carolina Berardi
MicroSalt® Inc.

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