MicroSalt the first listing on AIM in 2024

Rick Giney, MicroSalt®’s CEO, talks about the recent IPO.

New stock market listings are relatively rare at the moment and the first on the London AIM market is MicroSalt. It is a company that, in the words of the CEO Rick Guiney, is addressing a ‘massive worldwide health issue’ to reduce sodium intake. MicroSalt to talk about the listing that has given the company an £18.5mln market capitalisation and has brought £3mln onto the balance sheet. MicroSalt describes itself as a ‘major potential disruptor in the food market’. Its mission is to reduce excess sodium consumption, which it says is a ‘significant contributor to hypertension and heart disease’, by providing a full-flavour salt with approximately 50% less sodium than traditional salt for food manufacturers and consumers. IGTV spoke to Rick Guiney who explained what the priority is for the company in 2024.

Rick Guiney says “We are delighted to announce our successful fundraise and admission to AIM, which is an important step in our development and provides an excellent platform for growth. The World Health Organisation has stated ambitions to reduce sodium intake by 30% by 2025, and MicroSalt is extremely well placed to capitalise upon rising demand for lower sodium products with our disruptive, proprietary product and manufacturing process.”

Watch the full interview:

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