MicroSalt®️ vs. Traditional Salt: There’s No Comparison

A high-magnification image of salt crystals.

Learn how consumers can make tasty and more responsible seasoning choices with this breakthrough in food technology.

Key takeaways: 

  • Salt is essential to healthy physical and mental functioning
  • Traditional table salt is a big favorite but has negative health effects
  • A superior, all-natural alternative to traditional salt exists
  • Switching to MicroSalt®️ can help you cut back on sodium without sacrificing flavor

Traditional salt vs. MicroSalt®️

The big problem facing sodium-savvy consumers is how to satisfy sodium cravings without sacrificing their health. To find the solution, let’s take a microscopic look at sodium itself by comparing MicroSalt®️ with traditional salt in the areas of texture, taste, and appearance. 

Differences in these depend on the type of salt in question. For example, the texture of common table salt is very fine and is typically barely felt by the tongue when applied to foods internally or topically. Other traditional sodium sources like sea salt or pink salt have larger crystals which offer a grainier, more tangible texture to foods and can add a lot of crunch. 

MicroSalt®️’s micron-sized particles give it a texture similar to table salt, but these super small crystals (which are approximately 100 times smaller than conventional salt) give MicroSalt® the edge in the flavor department.

This is because MicroSalt® dissolves immediately on contact with the taste buds, delivering a saltier flavor hit much more quickly than traditional salt ever could. MicroSalt® tastes exactly like traditional table salt because it is real salt. It’s 100% natural and better tasting than any sodium substitute, some of which can leave a bitter, metallic aftertaste. MicroSalt® looks like table salt, too: it’s white, it’s fine, and it flows freely. 

Now, we come to what is ultimately the most important factor: comparison of sodium content. This is what health-conscious consumers will be looking at when it comes to adding a sodium brand to their kitchens. This is where MicroSalt®️ is the clear winner. 

Because MicroSalt®️delivers such an intensely salty taste, you can use half as much as you normally would without losing any flavor, cutting your sodium consumption by 50% in the process.

Promoting better health

Cutting your sodium consumption in half can improve your cardiovascular health by helping your body to more efficiently maintain its water and mineral balance. This, in turn, reduces fluid retention and the pressure of blood against the vessel walls.

Another powerful benefit of improved cardiovascular health and better water and mineral balance is a reduced chance of hypertension. Excess sodium can put anyone at risk of developing elevated or high blood pressure, especially if they have pre-existing health conditions, are older or overweight, or belong to certain racial groups.

A lower-sodium diet leading to decreased blood pressure can also promote healthier kidneys. Hypertension can harm kidneys by narrowing and constricting blood vessels and restricting healthy blood flow.

While the benefits of cutting excess sodium from your diet are undeniable, it’s best to talk with your doctor before making any big changes to your diet. The “right” amount of salt to maintain health isn’t a fixed figure and will vary between individuals. Trained health-care professionals are the best source of advice on your unique sodium requirements based on your current health conditions, medication program, and other factors.

The benefits of MicroSalt®️ at home or on the go

Our MicroSalt®️ shakers make it simple to keep homemade meals tasty while also making them healthier. This all-natural, substitute-free solution means you’re also significantly reducing (or completely avoiding) the kind of negative health effects that have been associated with excessive use of conventional salt or salt substitutes such as potassium chloride and MSG.

Cooking with MicroSalt®️ doesn’t require any special techniques; simply add it to recipes in the same way you’d sprinkle in traditional table salt! Just be sure to use half as much MicroSalt®️ as you would ordinary salt. What could be easier?

And if you want to enjoy a healthier processed snack, give our SaltMe®! Chips a try. The four mouthwatering flavors (Original, Barbecue, Sour Cream & Onion, and Cheddar & Sour Cream) come in snack size and share size so you can introduce friends and loved ones to how tasty low-sodium snacking can be. 

MicroSalt®️ vs. traditional salt: There’s really no comparison

In any comparison with traditional salt, the benefits of MicroSalt®️ are clear. Our product delivers the salty taste you love for half the sodium, making it a powerful self-care tool that’s easily incorporated into your daily diet without making any major changes.
We get it: the idea of a full-flavor, low-sodium solution sounds too good to be true. But with MicroSalt®️, tasting is believing. You can learn more about our award-winning product and mission by calling 1-877-825-0655 or connecting via our message page. Why wait? A healthier life begins right now – with MicroSalt®️!

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