Hannaford Brothers Partners with MicroSalt® to Provide Low-Sodium Solutions for Consumers

One of the most respected food retailers in the northeastern United States agrees to carry both sizes of MicroSalt®’s new table-top shakers

“We are extremely excited that Hannaford Brothers has joined with us to provide low sodium solutions to its customers. This is a tremendous step in our march toward reducing excess sodium in the average American’s diet. Our take-home shakers will let people salt their food to taste without excess sodium,” said Rick Guiney, CEO of MicroSalt®.

The Hannaford brothers began selling produce in Portland, Maine, in 1883, but it took a lot more than fresh tomatoes and apples to grow their business. The brothers looked at their customers and understood what they cared about most – family, community, quality, value – and built the business accordingly, with core values that still inform every decision the company makes. Today, those values live in more than 180 stores employing 26,000 associates, with roots still firmly planted in the Northeast.

MicroSalt® provides a much-needed option that allows food manufacturers and consumers to slash the sodium content of their food without impacting the flavor. With 31% of adults worldwide suffering from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases – and with pressure mounting around the globe to lower the sodium content in prepared and packaged foods – MicroSalt® is offering a truly timely solution. 

With its revolutionary salt microparticles already available to manufacturers, MicroSalt® is launching its consumer-based saltshakers to the public in January. Consumers can now enjoy the same great salt taste with half the sodium by bringing MicroSalt® saltshakers into their homes.

“There are tens of millions of Americans suffering from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases who would certainly enjoy the full saltiness of potato chips, nuts, or other snacks – but with half the sodium,” MicroSalt® CEO Rick Guiney says. “We’re enabling food manufacturers to extend their product offerings to include reduced sodium items that deliver full salt flavor.”

About MicroSalt® Inc.: MicroSalt® is dedicated to innovating food technology solutions that enable people to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Its patented product delivers natural salt with 50% less sodium and can be used by both consumers and food manufacturers who wish to decrease the amount of sodium in their food. Customers and food manufacturing representatives interested in reducing their sodium intake can learn more about MicroSalt® by visiting the company’s website at www.microsaltinc.com.

Carolina Berardi
MicroSalt® Inc.

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